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Think Green

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To reduce our footprint on the environment our team is committed to spreading #Think Green ethics throughout Bitola Outdoor Festival and all its events, and make sure to practice ways to prevent pollution, reduce waste and to promote the responsible use of natural resources while visiting the National Park Pelister. By embracing these measures, we can leave less of an impact on the environment – while all the festival attendees also take these principles back to their local communities. We encourage all the Bitola Outdoor Festival attendees and National Park Pelister visitors to follow these Environmental Principles:

  • Use the marked trails within the National Park to minimize the damage to the land, vegetation or waterways, and disturb the wildlife.
  • It is strictly forbidden to dispose of waste (paper, organic waste, plastic bottles, cups) in the National Park Pelister. The visitors must temporarily place the waste in their backpack and carry it with them until they are able to leave the trash in specially designated places for that purpose.
  • Choose refillable water bottles and cups over plastic bottles to cut down plastic consumption. Drinking water is provided throughout the festival site.
  • “Bringing less is to have less to bring out”. We encourage all the festival attendees to avoid bringing unnecessary packing and plastics. All the festival attendees will be encouraged to leave zero trash behind in the environment.
  • To reduce pollution we encourage all the festival attendees to use the bus transportation which will be provided from the city of Bitola to the festival venue and back.
  • The participants of the trail races, mount bike tour and hiking tour which are part of the festival will adhere to principles mentioned above and the special event rules.
  • Festival venue clean up will be powered by a team and volunteers to keep our environment clean.
  • The “Fest Tent” camping location will be equipped with portable toilets, waste bins and waste bags for garbage disposal. All the waste from the festival will be properly separated and goes to the recycling chain.

Workshop for children and parents will be held to learn about the benefits of the #Think Green concept in the education of festival attendees and visitors at National Park Pelister as a tool to reduce our impact on the environment in the National Park Pelister.

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