Ве молиме почекајте

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Visa requirement for Macedonia

Get to know if you need a visa to enter Macedonia. Although most of the E.U. and NATO member countries do not require a visa, there are many others that do.

Getting in Macedonia by air

There are two international airports in the Republic of N.Macedonia. *Skopje - Skopje International Airport (SKP), (158km from Bitola) *Ohrid - St.Paul the Apostle Airport / Aerodrom Sveti Apostol Pavle (OHD), (80km from Bitola)

Travel by train

If you like to travel from Skopje to Bitola by train the time travel is between 3 and 4 hours. Price for one way ticket is around 5 EUR and the price for two ways ticket is around 8 EUR.

Travel by bus

If you are considering going by bus you have a dozen bus lines between Skopje and Bitola. Time travel is 3 hours. Price for one way ticket is around 7 EUR and for two ways ticket is around 10 EUR. Note: If you are considering traveling on weekend and holidays please contact the bus station for any changes of the lines.

Travel with taxi

If you are not comfortable to travel by train or bus, you can always get a taxi. The price in one way is more or less 80EUR.

Go with a car or rent a car

If you'd like to explore the land during your travel to Bitola you can go by car. The distance between Skopje and Bitola is 170 km
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