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Bitola Outdoor Festival is a 3-day event to feature the most popular sports outdoors activities in National Park Pelister, such as hiking, mountain biking, trail running, and rock climbing. Community is important to us. We love making real connections with other outdoor adventurers and Bitola has lots of clubs and groups where you can come and join in. Here we've put together some facts about outdoor sports, outdoor clubs, and groups in municipality Bitola to inspire you to get outside more!

Shirok Sokak

Hiking - “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt”

The beautiful thing about hiking is that it's truly an activity everyone can do. Whether you're young or old, an expert or an amateur, there's a trail out there that will be perfect for you. But, while hiking on your own can be very inspirational and spiritualizing, it often gives very little motivation to get out there again, especially on longer hikes. The best solution is to join your local hiking community where you’ll meet like-minded people, who will hike with you and motivate you to keep on hiking. The best way to do that is by joining your local mountaineering clubs. Hiking is the main outdoor activity in National Park Pelister. Most of the hiking trails throughout the park are marked with signs and information boards. While hiking, the visitors will enjoy the dense Molika pine forests and high mountain peaks offering breathtaking views on the surrounding landscape. As a part of Bitola Outdoor Festival, the Mountaineering club 'Dimitar Ilievski-Murato'-Bitola will organize a hiking tour and make sure that you experience some of this beauty first hand.

Mountain biking - “A good bike ride fixes everything”

Mountain biking is an odd sport. Although an individual pursuit it is best enjoyed with others, sharing the delights of two wheels over any terrain. Have you ever wanted something that gets you away from work or school and takes you outside to places that you would never think of going otherwise, something that keeps you in good shape and healthy, and something that at the same can be relaxing and a rush? Well, there’s a sport that’s called mountain biking that will enable all of that and more. Bitola has a mighty mountain bike community, who have been enthusiastic fans of National Park Pelister and surrounding trails for years and it has slowly been transformed into an amazing venue for trail mountain biking and downhill mount biking. The members of Let’s Ride Group and Extreme Bike Bitola are the most active bikers from our community. So who's a better guide for you were to experience the best of the outdoor trails on two wheels. Explore some highlights of these trails with this year's Mountain Bike Tour event as part of Bitola Outdoor Festival. The event will be hosted and organized by Let's Ride Bitola.

Shirok Sokak
Trail running

Trail running - “It never gets easier, you just go faster”

For both new and experienced runners, trail running offers a number of benefits that can help you enjoy your running more, protect yourself from injuries, and even improve your race times on the roads and on the track. Getting off the roads and on the trails is one of the best things you can do for you running. Whether you're aiming to enjoy your running more, build your strength or run faster times, trail running can be an enjoyable and relaxing addition to your running program. Ultra-trail races involve running semi-autonomously sometimes for more than 100 km along marked trails in natural environments. Such races are exhausting, requiring runners to push themselves to the limits of their endurance. Bitola Outdoor Festival presents you with the first ultra-trail races in the National Park Pelister. There will be three races on the schedule: Big Lake Trail 18K, Molika Trail 32K and the main event Peliser Ultra-Trail 61K. The races will be organized the Mountaineering club 'Dimitar Ilievski-Murato'-Bitola.

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